The article discusses the upcoming Google Pixel Watch 3, which is expected to feature several upgrades. Key points include:

1. **Design Changes**: The Pixel Watch 3 will be slightly smaller than its predecessor but thicker by almost two millimeters. This could be due to a larger battery or new sensors.

2. **Battery Upgrade**: The watch is rumored to have a larger battery, specifically a 307 mAh battery compared to the 304 mAh battery in the Pixel Watch 2.

3. **New Sensors**: There are speculations that the watch may include new sensors, although the exact nature of these sensors is not yet confirmed.

4. **Software Features**: The watch is expected to have improved software features, including an enhanced Watch Unlock feature.

For business owners interested in GPS fleet managers, this article is relevant because it highlights advancements in wearable technology, particularly in the area of sensors and battery life. These upgrades could potentially enhance the functionality of GPS fleet management systems by providing more accurate and reliable tracking data. For instance, the inclusion of new sensors could improve location tracking and monitoring, while the larger battery could ensure longer usage periods without needing to recharge. These improvements could be beneficial for businesses that rely heavily on GPS tracking for their operations.

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