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GPS vehicle monitoring

GoGPS – is the most modern and multi-functional system GPS vehicle monitoring in the world, a unique product and the undisputed leader among the monitoring services in our country. Versatility and flexibility – one of the most important differences GoGPS other products.

Why GoGPS?

Customers GoGPS monthly savings using our monitoring system!


GoGPS reduces costs and increases productivity


GoGPS improves the quality of service to our clients


GoGPS improve work planning


GoGPS improves safety

Control of high-speed mode

Using the satellite monitoring system is possible at any time to see the speed at which the vehicle is moving, as well as generating reports on this parameter for any period of time. In the construction of the track portions in which the overspeed highlighted in color were recorded. It is also possible to adjust the respective notices of alleged high-speed mode for rapid alert manager.

Fuel Control

Fuel control system is implemented in several ways: by installing a mortise or ultrasonic fuel level sensors, or by connecting to the vehicle’s CAN-network. You will be able at any time to see the level of fuel in the tank, generate reports on fuel consumption (including idling), as well as to receive notifications about Draining and Refilling the fuel. Reports on fuel consumption can be formed in both tabular and graphical form for your convenience.

Car Battery check

This option is available on all models of GPS modules, which we offer. The charge level can be useful In winter, when the high probability low battery when you do not expect this. This option will help you to always see the battery level.

Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature in the refrigerator is possible by setting Dallas temperature sensors inside the refrigerator. This allows you to real-time monitor compliance with required temperature standards in the carriage of goods and quickly receive alerts in the event of emergencies. Also you will be able to create reports for any period of time for a given parameter in graphical and tabular form.

Depending on the scope of your company, our experts will select for you the best solution for the use of satellite-based monitoring systems, protection and security.
If you are interested, or additional questions regarding this package, please contact our sales department:
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